It is five in the morning and why! am I not tired~ … maybe cause I just ate that sourdough chicken sandwhich from jack in the box ( . . . . . .) I must change my ways..  Guess I had a productive week, mmmm yeah ( nodding ) yeah I did. I hope this week I will be just as focused like I was last week, except for the not sleeping. According to my friend, your growth hormones work during the night when your asleep,  yeah so no more sleeping late. They say guys stop growing when they are 25, so I got six month left to grow three more inches hahaha. But honestly I do like staying up for some reason. (oh! out of the subject) Haha oh my gosh, so I actually began writing my blog at four but then I got distracted and started to watch some tv.. and now its five.

Last night (saturday night) was pretty crazy. Drank some beer during the after-noon then went home and made some failed cocktails…

This week Sol and Mary made the Granny Smith. Vodka, Apple Pucker, and Tonic Water. I don’t think we made it right – haha

Then met up with a very old friend, (it was really good seeing you James) went to a bar , then to karaoke and finally to the friend’s house. But I was knocked out at the bar so I couldn’t go with everyone to the karaoke bar! When that was the key thing to do for that night. Sigh, hate it when I fall asleep. Within all this craziness my two friends  was sober and took care of me and the whole group..

아이구.. 수고했어 호호호^^

Meet David Choi our sober champion of the night. ( Tae was the other friend ) Thanks a lot man, I know I’m a handful I owe you guys one. Chicken nuggets on me.

Anyway look whatt I bought!

I love winter clothes cause you can put on layers.

And look! I got a watch too, I know its a bit tacky but I love it haha.

Bah, it is now six am. I have to go Margie’s house to drop off her project I helped her with by 7:30. I should’ve slept cause now I’m so tired. Coffee sounds so good right now, oh do I love coffee.


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