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the student.


rock star under construction

I was always jealous of people who are musical talented.. so I asked my friend Kevin, Nehemiah Band’s guitar player, to teach me how to play the electric guitar.

Thanks Kevin I know its frustrating lol.

Right now I am practicing C major, G Major and E Major. Been about three weeks I say? With my broken music I already feel like a rockstar haha.

And oh yeah, I kinda cleaned my room/studio haha..

my new laptop

My lovely new ASUS G60. Nothing against MACs, I just love video games haha.

246 days count down.

\My one year of camera-less days have finally come to an end. Just got it yesterday and till today I’m taking pictures like a mad man haha.  Anyway to subject, umm so I’ve been working on my short animation film for about two years now, and it is still in preproduction.  I say.. I’ve rewrote my story more then ten times now, redesigned my characters hundreds of time,  done about 1000 storyboarded or more. By the  end of April I thought I was going to be done with preproduction and finally move on to production.. until I noticed something was a bit odd with my story. I made some few adjustments to my script which later ended up rewriting my whole story, again!  What does this mean? I have to re storyboard all over again. Nevertheless it is a good thing, because the story feels more solid-thanks to my friend who is helping me with my script right now.

\Honestly, although I am so seriously burnt out, I’m glad my project is taking this long. I’m learning a whole lot and I’m growing so much as an artist, so in the end its a good thing.  Now, I’m announcing that my official project “day one”  is going to start from the beginning of May. By December I declare I’ll have my short film roughed out, meaning the animations will be done by then.  There is 246 days from May to December, everyday I’m going to write and log in what I’ve done on that day.  Right now I’m still in process of designing the villain of the story and finalizing my script. I’m hoping to be done with the script by end of this month, which is in two days.. ha