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my drive-bys (1)

my snack for the road haha- my shootings in Los Angeles.


birthday dinner

To my lovely sister, Mimi Choi ()

Happy birthday to you how does it feel to be 28 now? ha ha ha just kidding but for really- You look the same , honest. Anyway- Sis, lately I know your in a lot of stress. Dealing with people everyday , filing 1000 of papers, and doing endless amount of emails. That is why I understand you; kicking me while I’m sleeping, the never ending name calling, and the random ” go get me this” at two in the morning deals. I’m just happy that I can help you in some way- helping you vent out your stress ( but if you can tone down the name calling that would be awesome ha!,jk) It is really inspiring to see you working so hard- not for yourself but for our family- I know our parents rarely say this, or even say it at all – Your doing such an awesome job, because of your hard work our family stays a float. Your the best friend I’ve got- and I’m sure you know I love you, happy birthday 🙂

– your awesome brother Sol.

Ate at frankie italian on melrose .

I was craving for..



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finds on the net (2)


the birthday card

ta-da 😀

finds on the net (1)

this is cute haha.

lcd cleaning kit


photo booth fun

Max and me