(As Sol is blogging he is listening to; Stephanie Mills – Never knew love like this before)

Yesterday I was teaching my student from 7:30 till 10:30pm ran kinda late cause Max (my dog) had an emergency. During the day when I was running him I noticed a patch of blood on the side of his face. From what I saw it looked like a bad cut, but I wasn’t too sure because it was hard to tell from all that fur covering it. I couldn’t figure out what it was (I hate feeling unsure about something) so I took him to my vet and so it turns out, what he had was a hot spot. Skin that is irritated which later got infected, its gross. The doc shaved his hair on the area and cleaned him up. Max has to take this pill once every day for a week and spray anti-bacteria thing on his wound twice a day. He hates that spray, I’m sure it stings.

So this is Max’s second day in his healing process. Bah this picture came out gross.

So anyway..I am currently finishing up my script, by end of this week I hope to finalize it , stamp it and lock it.

My brand new fourth gen iPod haha. No color just black and white haha, freaken gameboy status. I named it, MUSICMAN haha.

And for the first album I’m goingo to upload in my iPod is Boys 2 Men.

My dinner for tonight, clam/beef tofu soup with kalbi, yum.


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