feeling the groove..

.. I have officially locked my script and threw away the key, you readers are my witness! I will not change my script from today. Now I’m working on my storyboards, I’ve decided I’m going to draw them in my computer. I honestly like to draw on paper but working on the computer is a lot faster.

Besides my film, I’m doing some studying of design; You have your classic comic book look, like Marvel and DC which I love, umm of course Disney ( from Milt Kahl to Glen Keane ), and then you got your Japanese illustrations. So I’m drawing different style/designs, so that way my hand will be more diverse? with things? Anyway but  it is really helping me the way I look at things. I have no idea if I’m making any sense what so ever right now, haha. Just so like in the groove at the moment, I haven’t shaved for weeks and didn’t get out of my sweats for days..

Today I woke up at 11:00am .. didn’t sleep the other night.. while I was sleeping my mom made me this monster sized hamburger. Gawd it was too much to handle for my first meal of the day.

my new paul smith glasses.


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