Bah ok guys “really”, I wanted to update but wow, I was just, too~ tired.. no really I was haha. My days are mostly like.. uh  in the mornings I do my errands; run max, drop off my mom at work, and whatever else my mom needs help on cause she is so busy with my dad at work. After I work on my project till I have to goto work which is from five pm till nine. Finally when I’m back home– I eat then wash up , by this time its like 11, 12 ish.  I try to work a little bit , but I end up watching a movie and falling asleep haha.

Anyway- wow DAY17 already, seems like yesterday I wrote my day1 post. This week I worked less on my project, instead I was practicing more on my art. I just.. felt like there was this..  wall.. that I couldn’t get over.. as an artist, an artist block , if there is even a such thing. A period of time where you don’t feel as skilled in your craft nor creative. Yeah it was a frustrating week. But good news I got over it, I think?  but yeah I feel better, time to get back in gear with my project. As of right now all the blue prints are laid out. My designs, the script and my boards. Since I know what I want, it is time to focus on one subject and knock them down one by one.  When I start on something I like to be all over the place. Do designs for a bit then jump on the computer and write up my script then noodle up some roughs for my boards.. this way I won’t burn out.. Tonight I am going to finally finish my main character design.

Hmm.. for the 50th time.. does this look good or what.

Max what do you think?

And oh look, max is a lot better now.


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