birthday dinner

To my lovely sister, Mimi Choi ()

Happy birthday to you how does it feel to be 28 now? ha ha ha just kidding but for really- You look the same , honest. Anyway- Sis, lately I know your in a lot of stress. Dealing with people everyday , filing 1000 of papers, and doing endless amount of emails. That is why I understand you; kicking me while I’m sleeping, the never ending name calling, and the random ” go get me this” at two in the morning deals. I’m just happy that I can help you in some way- helping you vent out your stress ( but if you can tone down the name calling that would be awesome ha!,jk) It is really inspiring to see you working so hard- not for yourself but for our family- I know our parents rarely say this, or even say it at all – Your doing such an awesome job, because of your hard work our family stays a float. Your the best friend I’ve got- and I’m sure you know I love you, happy birthday 🙂

– your awesome brother Sol.

Ate at frankie italian on melrose .

I was craving for..



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