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the arwing fighter

I bought this car yesterday and I am so obsessed with it. Going across los angeles  just to get coffee then taking the longest route back home. I’ve spent all day yesterday driving around everywhere and anywhere. I forced myself not to upload my 100 and more photos of my car, so here are the few from many..

( you would have to “click” the image to see the “actual pixels“, this goes for all photos in blog, I know its obvious but some people still don’t know.. )

^^; ❤



photo taken from espn, second round-  a lose game against Uruguay (URU 2 – ROK 1).  I know a lot of Korean’s are really bummed out right now. But really- we should be proud, just the fact that we made it out of the group and went on to the second round.  Going against countries like;  Argentina ( the nation that has the ability to win the world cup this year and has the number one soccer player, Lionel Messi ) , Greece ( ranked 13th), and Nigeria ( number one African team ).  I don’t care what other (Koreans) may say , Korea played an excellent game.

” I’ll do whatever it takes to get the ball, even if I have to kick yo face for it ”

happy father’s day

took my dad out to benihanas – but ah I can’t stop sneezing when I’m here, my allergies go crazy for some reason, beh long as my dad enjoyed his dinner.

my older sister decided to be the one taking the picture- damn that random guy

My latest craze, haha so fun.


muse + esquire



My scanner sucks. I wish had my own  female model that I can always draw, and no I’m not  implying a “girlfriend”  — har har but that would be nice too.

installed adobe cs5 master collection

Thanks David! I love this. Also I just installed winamp. ” Winamp it really kicks the lama’s ass “