status update.. DAY40

It has been weeks since I’ve talked about my progress on my film. Film is coming along quite nice but I think I need to speed it up a bit. For the past few weeks I was working on my design of the monster that my hero is going to fight. Oh did I even talk about what my film is going to be about? Well in a nut shell its about me being a super hero haha- yes. When I was four I thought to myself how awesome would it be if I drew myself with special powers and people watched it, believing that it is me on that screen. I do have a little pencil test online if you haven’t seen it already here it is.

ta-da haha- this was fun to make, so now- from this I’m making a full episode and his name is not Actionman anymore (I gave him a cooler name). I would love to post the designs online but I do want it to be a surprise. Finished with my hero’s design and the side character designs, yay. We are back on to story boards.. I’ll post a few things up later tonight-


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