to sol

Today is July 2, 2010 and is the day Sol Choi truly begins writing his blog every single day. I am writing this blog to prove my theory that Sol Choi’s inconsistency is the root of his shortcomings. By all means I have the utmost admiration for this guy. He knows how to be social and has a creative way of thinking that surpasses most people. So what is the purpose of this post?  It is to prove that Sol Choi has the ability to be a normal person. A person who can wake up everyday and do 1 simple task and that is to write in his blog everyday. Whether it be a short thought or a deep conviction, as long as it runs a daily course. Now writing a blog may seem like an easy task but because its something that has no structure and is written based on personal experiences and opinions, its actually is a lot harder than it seems. The blog is not what makes this task difficult, but the results from it. If Sol fails to do this, there is no one else to slap him on the head or throw a chair at him other than himself. If he does accomplish it, there is the issue of how much weight his opinions carry. This blog can be considered as a gossip site about someone who isnt famous…..yet. This is why a blog is perfect for this experiment. I hope that Sol can do this because it not only effects him but the people around him. Consistency can be the difference between success and failure, life and death, love and loneliness.

– fly on the wall.


2 Responses to “to sol”

  1. 1 Paul July 2, 2010 at 9:52 am

    i wish you the best on your quest. ;]

  2. 2 jasmin July 2, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    that is a very intelligent fly

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