2 weeks of update..

Hi pen-pal sorry I was away and didn’t keep in touch for two weeks, I was really busy.

Hmm, so we left off from me going up north right?

ok so- reason why I went up there was, a friend of my mine invited me to a pixar’s company party which was really fun..

but gawd the drive was not..

it would be this for about good three hours ..

then once in a while we’ll see some of these..

back to this.. thank you shiyoon for driving- Was ranting on whole for the entire drive, I didn’t want my driver to fall asleep haha.

I met some awesome talented people while I was there.

Before we headed back down, we ate ramen-


that week our music video cover was due.

( some of the stills I wanted to use for our trailer, but eh just made a little teaser instead )

and here is the actual music video , I kinda missed my deadline by a day haha

This was a piece mainly to create buzz and generate fans, while I was in pre-production with my future projects. I thought doing a simple music video would be perfect for that, but it was still a ton of work. It was beyond my expectations and I couldn’t be more thankful, it is truly a blessing.

the stills.

.. ah its getting late, I’ll post more later. night! – bah right now it is 4:00am and I need to get up at 8am, I’ so screwed.. – -”’


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