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the midnight scrambled.

Sol hard at work.

ta-da~ haha.. so sad.


at cafe mak

with my iced white chocolate mocha.


framing and some color directions

Doing some late night work.

McRibs are back! soooOoo gooooOooOod AND they have 980 mg of sodium! isn’t that freaken awesome.

Locations that I’ll be using for the short film that I’m making. Also trying to figure the color schemes for the scenes.

(scene: fantasy)

(scene: the real)

(scene: escape route)

(scene: main frame? control panel?)

we have still a lot more to do..

the red romance fury

1994 Honda CRX delsol vtec

🙂 mine

mmm winter..

I don’t know if we’re in fall or are we just jumping into winter? Anyway- I drink coffee almost everyday, but only during winter will I only drink hot chocolate.  Just getting in that winter, Christmas mood ya’kno? I love the holidays 😀

my mom’s chicken dish.



my little sister Erin, you better not be partying at school !!

I want some panda express..

John’s figure drawing class.

Roughing out ideas… bah I’m hungry.