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my title deserved an exclamation mark, cause I’ was “that” excited.

We will be up here almost everyweekend haha.

s & j ❤


our bar stop 🙂

love how there is a full bar up here.

and then after , it snowed. love.

then after part-tay’d with ji hyun’s dad. Double love.

Ji Hyun’s Dad + Shiyoon + Sol + Crown Royal + Bald Eagle Ji Hyun’s Dad Special Drink.. .. Thing.. = Ji Hyun’s LOL

the following morning…

ah can’t wait for next weekend.


hero with the hot pink lens

style baby

right now.

Tonight for dinner I’m doing it breakfast style haha.

then after, this!

I love these japanese crackers.

Back to my office marathon. I’m on season 4 disc 3! but uh…

… I should actually be taking care of this.

Max wants to go play..

black friday

happy thanksgiving

” Hi my name is Max and this is my room. I like to keep a pet here and his name is David. He doesn’t like to run around much, but he likes to sit and play games ” – Max Turbo



Taking a break from my film- I just want to draw today 😀

finished shooting.


Now I need to edit. .