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taking on the “post a day” challenge from wordpress- blah blahs

I’m going to try writing for the “post a day” challenge, instead of posting pictures. I’m horrible with writing so don’t be too critical, be nice 🙂

Umm…. now what should I write about? Till now the only topic I had for my blog was about me.. and no I’m not suffering from narcissism. I don’t post pictures of myself on every post.. it’s more like every other post. Maybe the projects that I’m doing? The progress? I don’t know.. either way this “post a day ” thing I feel it can really improve my writing skills. These days I write as much as I practice drawing..*gasp*

I usually rant a lot, yes I admit that. But! that’s because I’m always thinking about stories to write. Whether it’s for my project that I’ve been working for five years (actionman) or the live action mini series (ptg) I just started. Recently I also agreed to make short films for church at the end of every month. I thought it could be a good exercise for me, to think of ideas from the topic that are given from my pastor. Ideas don’t come when you want it to, we all know that. We sit around forcing our brains to think of something amazing~ at the time its given. But soon enough you’ll get side tracked and do something else and become lazy. For me, thinking about your ideas in your head and actually speaking it is a huge difference. Since I’m usually around people, I’ll forcefully speak my mind to them. Doesn’t matter if they don’t listen, I just want to hear what I’m thinking. Of course I don’t do this while someone is talking about something important. Just when there’s nothing else to talk about, and before  hearing them gossip. Some of my friends do listen or even give me feedbacks, which I’m grateful for. Maybe I’ll rant on my blog instead haha..

I found the perfect image that relates to what I’m talking about. Skull is me and the wall is my friends hahaha. I’m sure that is not what the piece is about though.. I’m thinking white canvas with



refer to:

  • Sun, or Sol in Latin and other languages, the star at the center of the Solar System




with bryan and jasmin

Bryan is looking for my white hair

ogamdo cafe

has the best orange chicken in los angeles.. well at least in korea town

my mornings..